Time Cloak

Cloaking material (think Invisibility Cloak) has been steadily progressing from science fiction to fact through various plausible means and the science behind is in most cases, easily understood. But now, about cloaking an entire event in time, shrouding it from the observer as if nothing had happened is really fringing more at science fiction than science fact or is it? The idea is most definitively out of this world, to think that an event can be vanished under a time gap is not at all easily understood. To quote from here.

In a commentary, optical engineers Robert Boyd and Zhimin Shi of New York’s University of Rochester, likened the experiment to a level crossing on a busy road.When a train comes, the cars are stopped, and this causes a gap in the traffic.When the train has passed, the stopped cars speed up until they catch up with the traffic in front of them. To the observer, the flow seems quite normal, and there is no evidence that a train has crossed the intersection.

But on careful thought it seems more like an Invisibility Cloak on steroids, thus deeming it more possible considering the fact that the event did in fact happen, only that there is just no conceivable means of observing it. To erase an event from time itself however seems far fetched, and I seriously doubt that they are doing that. One thing is certain, the past few months have seen exciting times for Physics.

Also the video below, should give a better picture of the experiment.



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