Thoughts on HTPC- Part 1

I currently have a fairly decent HTPC setup in my living room. It includes a 32inch LCD TV, a Blu-Ray player(with internet streaming features), laptop and wireless keyboard/mouse . While I  am more than satisfied with my present setup considering my previous outlet for entertainment was only the laptop and its 13 inch screen, I do however have a few first world rants. I will go in detail with a few posts as part of a series if you will.I will start with remote controls.

My TV did not come with its remote owing that it was an open item. However the salesman assured me that it will work perfectly fine with a ‘Universal’  remote. I went and bought the cheapest remote there was and lo it did not work as I intended. I got to a point where I was able to configure the right code to the remote(the TV switches off while you hold down the power button and enter the key code for your brand) . I do not like the way this works, but that aside it did switch off like it was supposed to but only 2 set of buttons actually worked, the volume and the channel navigation. And not one other button on the remote key was actually useful. Point in fact:Universal remotes are not so universal.

And my next rant is the UI. It has barely changes since probably its early inception. It needs a change, desperately. We are in a world where the internet can be in some circles be called a necessity. And we are limited to using numbers and arrow keys to do most of the navigation. I think remotes ought to mimic the PC keyboard in terms of usage. And if a standard results from this, then so be it. I wouldn’t expect there be too much change in terms of hardware and software, an expense is not an expense when it is useful.


About krithik

An Electrical Engineer by training, who occasionally dabbles in programming and design.
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