Nest Thermostat and Steambox [On the Verge, Episode 005 (-Episode 004)]

Finally, a fairly decent episode. The last episode was a fiasco of sorts, I had high expectations and I can confidently say that none were met. It was a complete waste of production money. Neil deGrasse Tyson was on stage and all Josh managed to converse about was meme’s. Neil was being nice and went along, but at some point of time he managed to push in the fact that the show’s purpose was to discuss technology since they were obviously straying from the main topic.

Nest Thermostat’s are awesome, their minimalism design approach is ideal for their product. And lo ad behold, it was founded by Tony Fadell (at Apple he lead the team behind the iPod design). The video below should give a better glimpse at it.

There was also a look at the Pebble E-Watch that was being funded by kick-starter. Although they have a good idea for the project and hardware start-ups are rarely seen taking the spotlight, Josh did make the observation that the project received a lot more money than what they pitched for and there are other start-ups that equally deserve attention. But then he went ahead and nullified his one clear thought, by making a mediocre joke out of it.

Steambox was also discussed and I really hope valve does make hardware or at least certifies hardware products. But PC gaming is hard to tether to one single piece of hardware, the spectrum of compatibility is wide. If PC gaming can be taken to the living room, I’m for it! Console gaming can only do so much.



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