The Internet of destroying things

For the past year and maybe a little longer, I have been a frequent reader of technology news website’s/blogs like The Verge and and Engadget.  I follow their product reviews more closely, and it is safe to say that they lack the slightest hint of a mature thought process when it comes to writing their reviews. Their Apple fanboy-ness has crept into every review and not once is the product judged for what it is just by itself. I like Apple, but to worship them and disregarding any other company as viable competitions is merely stupidity. As far as my opinion goes Apple only has good and functional industrial design backing them up. Without that they are nothing different, they have hardly created anything out-of-this world so to speak if not dysfunctional (iPhone 4 antenna, yes). And disappointingly a large chunk of the world are satisfied with their minimalist  idea and blogs like The Verge and Engadget are fueling this. I’m fairly certain that they have the largest number of readers, and thus biased-opinions going to the masses is not a good thing. Some people are gullible enough to take their reviews as gospel. This has to change.

Exhibit A: The Blackberry Playbook

The Playbook was an excellent tablet. And it was the only 7 inch table worth buying at the time. It also was and still is the only tablet to have a  unique slide from the edges gesture driven touch interface. I still feel it was ahead of it’s competition in terms hardware and general touch usability. Apple still has the ‘home’ button and Android with their physical capacities touch buttons or on screen buttons. More recently, I’ve seen the Nexus 7 lacking an hdmi out and the Playbook had one at it’s inception. So, in terms of hardware the Playbook is solid more or less. Yes, on the software side it was lagging. But for that, I will just leave you this, a more than appropriate message from Louis CK.

Exhibit B: Nokia N9

This is the most amazing phone ever period. I recently had an opportunity to play with it and my expectations were more than met. Not only does it have the swipe touch interface similar to the Playbook but it also had this very useful tactile/audible feedback for typing which still beats the competition. And an 8 MP Carl Zeiss equipped Camera, do you really need anything more? This time around, the internet reacted differently they loved the device. They gave good reviews, I’d be seriously dumbstruck if they hadn’t. I was happy that they temporarily set aside any unfair comparisons to the iPhone.  Although, software aside the N9 is still the superior phone. But this love for Nokia came late, Nokia killed every Symbian and Meego OS  phone in their road map and partnered with Windows Phone. This, all because of the internet.

We are close to embracing just one or two market leaders in the cellphone market.   The internet made a viscous stab in the dark at Nokia and unfortunately the N9 /Meego took the most of the beating. Nokia didn’t kill the N9, the internet did. I see a similar outcome for RIM after their BB 10 device comes out, and I can only hope that I won’t have to say ‘I told you so’.


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An Electrical Engineer by training, who occasionally dabbles in programming and design.
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