It’s well known that Richard Stallman, strongly defends his views on free software. I recently stumbled on this video while surfing on YouTube for GNU/Linux. The interviewer here (Brian) tries to bring up a valid point but uses a very self righteous approach and it ends up being nearly a verbal battle between him and Stallman. Bryan questioned Stallman  how Free Software can possibly practical in this day and age given the complexity of software and the fact that a sizable portion of the US working population depends on developing proprietary software. Stallman, naturally defends this by saying this is not just about software itself, the idea is about freedom in general. While, Stallman is not wrong is saying this, I think his attachment is to embrace free software is a bit far fetched. The idea of freedom attaching itself to something like software is almost hysteric. Byan should have asked him the underlying cause of him defending the cause of free software, as to why it exactly it is ‘unethical’ so to speak (Windows 8 and ‘Secure Boot’ was highlighted but there should have been discussion on similar such topics). And also why should this concept of freedom just stop at software, why should it not extend to everything else?  Something like free software can’t flourish by itself when a large portion of world is still built on the foundations of old fashioned capitalism.


About krithik

An Electrical Engineer by training, who occasionally dabbles in programming and design.
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