Stallman rages on Canonical

I hate the new unity UI for the more recent Ubuntu Versions. It’s confusing, it has an undeniable gimmicky feel to it and the web enabled search feature is just adding to it’s ugliness . That dashboard has to go.  It was something PC manufactures did and have been doing so (bloatware). When we have a one of the most popular distros of Linux doing something equally bad (or perhaps even worse in this light), you know that they are doing it wrong. And that too coming from a distro that is favourable among new users of Linux.  It just leaves those users with a bad impression. If I wanted to do a web search, I will do a web search (on a web browser, where it should be).   I’m okay with a web browser collecting all the information it needs, because it is more of a conscious decision.  I stand firmly with rms on this rant.

More at arstechnica


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One Response to Stallman rages on Canonical

  1. adoptedsidekick says:

    I use Xubuntu because my poor modest hardware can’t handle the Unity interface. But I think Canonical is looking at and anticipating the future with it’s Unity desktop and cloud-based features. “Bloat” is just the natural outcome of building a “one-size-fits-all” desktop Linux distro.

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