Elon Musk deserves better

I’ve been closely following an interesting set of events that followed a review of the Tesla Model S by a New York Times reporter and I’m sure enough people know about it. The issue by large lies with the electric car technology, it simply is not yet ready for a fair comparison with it’s engine powered counterpart. The technology is young, and Tesla in my opinion has exceeded  expectations of what an electric car can do at such an  early stage. There are two fundamental short comings that is holding it from being the new Model T.

1. Batteries and Charging, that will lost a little longer than 200 miles given all scenarios
2. Sustainable source of power for charging the car so it is carbon neutral

But I can understand what Elon Musk is doing, he is preparing for the future which is what the rest of the auto-mobile industry should be doing. Even the best engines are never going to achieve the efficiency that modern electric motors have (which is nearly 100%).  They can also not easily eliminate emissions. The electric car is also in fact one the best incentives we have  to build more wind farms and solar power stations. I watched a documentary today called Page One , which talked about how the New York Times is loosing relevance with new readers and struggling to maintain because of how quickly technology is changing. Given incidents like this, I think it is only making it worse for them. Reporters need to be better informed of how the technology works  before jumping into unfair conclusions.

Watch this video, where he faced criticism for SpaceX. Fast forward to 11m 05s. 


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An Electrical Engineer by training, who occasionally dabbles in programming and design.
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