Multi-hop ZigBee Sensor Node Prototype for Smart Grid
Abstract: The goal of the project was to come up with a solution to measure power consumption at an electrical outlet,  and also be able to control the turning on and off the outlet. The arduino, XBee and other off the shelf components served as the simplest and best platform for achieving quick results.

Sensor Node CloseupRelay Board Closeup

Links: Project Report

Mesh-Like NoC (Network on Chip) Architecture using SystemC
Abstract: This was a project that required the use of SystemC, a system level modeling language with syntax of C++. It essentially worked as  Network-On-Chip prototype for a Mesh-like network and analyzed packet distribution.
Links:Project Report 

Speed control of Series DC Motor using Simulink
Abstract: It required building a first principles  model of a DC-Series motor. A PID-based speed control was designed to adjust the speed using a 4-Quadrant DC-DC Chopper.
Links: Project Report , Download Model 

Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT using Simulink
Abstract:  A fuzzy logic controller was built for Maximum Power Point Tracking of a Solar Panel under various light conditions. The solar panel was sized to power an off-grid street lamp. The controller was compared to two cases 1. Fractional Open Circuit Controller and
2. No MPPT controller present.
Links: Project Report 

Cogging Torque Reduction of Brushless DC Machines using MagNet
Abstract:  This project was an intense exercise on some of the finer details in electrical machine design. Various mechanical configurations of the stator and rotor  of a brushless DC machine were designed and simulated using an advanced electro-magnetic field simulation software from Infolytica. The designs were analyzed to check for reduction in Cogging torque.
Links: Project Report  , Additional Notes

Double Side Band Suppressed Carrier Amplitude Modulator using PSpice
Abstract:  This model  for a DSBSC-AM generator was done with discrete passive components. The schematic capture and simulation was done using PSpice. The circuit was analyzed for sensitivity on account of variation in component parameters.
Links: Project Report



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